October 21, 2000

Paega purunnida! (Paeh-gah puu-rune-nee-dah) I'm full!

Oh man, I just had this entire entry almost typed and the computer crashed!! *insert sigh here* I'm not typing it all out. The atarax is kicking in and making me loopy so we'll do some pictures, ok?

Here is a picture of WildChild playing soccer. They won the game today, beating the only team they have lost to this season, putting The Blaze in first place! They have two weeks left so as long as they don't lose, they will be the champs! The entire team put orange hair spray in their hair, this is what WildChild looked like.

Here is what John bought me today because I gave him the sad puppy dog eyes in the PX. Yes, they make me happy and I'm still wearing them. Thank goodness for rechargeable batteries. I wonder if I look authoritative with them on?

While driving to The Hump, we decided to take some pictures. Yes, the truck really is as close as it looks, we were on the back roads. The rice fields are being harvested right now and it isn't uncommon to see them laying the rice on tarps along the side of the road to dry.

The cats are up to the same old thing...sleeping. They like to steal my blanket. They also like to lay in the sun as long as they are in different chairs.

On the way home, we had to drive through town since there was a protest outside the front gate, cutting off our shortcut drive. These little boys were just so cute I had to take a picture. This is a pretty normal shop building, lots of signs on the outside.

We stopped at the little grocery here in the apartment complex to pick up a few things for dinner. We got a package of cookies. I don't know what exactly they are called, but they are really good! We did get other things, like some mandu and ramen and seaweed. As soon as I cut those pictures down to size, I'll add them to another entry. Don't you just love seeing pictures of the food I eat?

For those waiting for an update on the job situation (hi Ys!), no news yet. The roster was sent from the main office in Taegu, but it was all wrong. Seems that none of the people on the list even live in this area and hadn't applied for that specific job. *instert another heavy sigh* I won't know anything until late Monday or Tuesday afternoon. So everyone, say those little CyberPrayers ok? Cause if I get the job, it will be one less thing for ya'll to listen to me bitch about!

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