October 18, 2000

Chogum (Choe-gume) Not Much

Ya'll, I just had Jehovahs Witness people at my door!! Two women. They handed me this 'brochure' on The New Millennium - What Does the Future Hold for You? Now, I'm not knocking any religion here, really. But what makes them think that I want them knocking on my door in the morning? What makes them think that I want to hear all their ummm, 'stuff'. I like religion just fine, as long as nobody tries to get me to believe a certain thing and tell me I'll go to hell if I don't. I respect anyone's right to believe and think whatever the hell they want, I just don't want it crammed down my throat with threats of eternal damnation if I don't conform.

Bah, I don't want to talk about that any more.

So yesterday I went to Camp Humphreys to inquire about the jobs I had applied for. Unlike the first one, where they broke my wee little heart and told me I wasn't qualified to schedule a school bus, I haven't received anything in the way of "we hate you, go away" or "we love you, you have a job". I did apply for a different training position in Seoul, but since I don't have experience already training the subject matter, I'm not holding my breath. I went back after lunch to ask about the status of the other jobs. What a difference! I was escorted back to the head honcho's desk. I'm trying to forget the fact that he has a completely weak handshake.* Anyway, he told me that 3 of the 4 jobs were already filled. OK, so what about the last one? He's waiting for the "these people are qualified" roster to come from the big office in Taegu. The computer system is down so he can't check to see if I'm on it. He was very gracious and told me to keep a good attitude, that something will work out eventually. I was rather surprised, since his predecessor was a complete asshole who wouldn't even speak to me and forced me to apply for the other jobs under lower preference ratings. So NiceBoss gave me his card and asked me to call back in a few days. I'm resisting all temptation to call today. It's hard.

I've invoked the reading commandment the last two nights. Someone sent me House of Leaves off of my wish list that's linked on the index page. I've slept on the couch the past two nights because I want the light on. How utterly pitiful is that? The cats have been nice enough to join me, but I think they are only there because of the new comfortable blanket. This book is awesome. The first night, I only got to like page 85 because I was flipping back and forth between the narrative and all the appendix stuff. Last night I read for the same amount of time and got to around page 350. Of course, there were many pages with just one letter or just a few words on them. For those that have read it, I'm at the part where he's riding the bike downhill all the time. I don't want to spoil it for anyone that hasn't read the book, but man, I get completely freaked out! It's probably strange enough that I sit in the apt all day with no tv or radio on. I like it quiet, the sereneness of it all. Now, of course, I feel like having something on as background noise is going to lessen the focus on the reading. You have to pay attention, read all the footnotes, flip to the appendix a lot, turn the book upside down some. I am enjoying the book, don't get me wrong. It just scares the living hell out of me.

I'm going to cut this short and go read during the daylight hours, before WildChild comes home from school. If you are thinking about getting this book, get it. If you've already read it, email me, because I would love to hear your perspective on reading it.

* - When I was in my senior year of high school, my step-dad was starting his own business. Sometimes I would accompany him to meetings. Before he would let me go, he taught me how to shake hands. Important things to remember: Go in with meaning, don't be afraid to extend your arm and meet the other person half way; Don't just offer your fingers, unless you are the Queen of England or the Pope, and you aren't; A good firm grasp, but not too hard; Don't do the exaggerated up-and-down thing you see sometimes, it is annoying as hell. So NiceBoss shakes hands like a fish. No grasp at all, and I got the impression he was thinking I would only offer my fingers in the "womanly" fashion. Ladies, don't shake hands like that. There is no reason why you can't shake hands well, like a man.

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