October 12, 2000

What kind of a day are you having?

I just realized something that I do. Every day that I write, while I'm getting ready to type something in here, I go straight down my template. Enter in the title (and please try to be witty Michelle), then, arrow down until you hit the space for the date. Why is it, even if I have written something every day, I have to do a quick mouseover on the time box in the bottom bar-thingy? Because I can never remember what the date is. It's a curse of not working, I'm sure of it.

Besides wandering from room to room trying to figure out if we have heat or not (I don't think we do), I've spent a pretty fair amount of time on my ass in front of the computer. We had a posting party on Pamie's Forum and promptly broke what she handed us like the temperamental little brats we are. So after breaking someone else's toys, I figured it would be best to try and entertain myself with other parts of the web. I looked up my horoscope in various places. Here are a few:

From Jonathan Cainer:
The Moon is all but full. When you see it this evening, it will be about as big and round and bright as it ever gets. You know what you are like at Full Moon. You know how much gets stirred up within you, how strong your feelings become and how accurate your intuition grows. Prepare for a revelation. You are about to understand something, which, at first, seems baffling. "THAT can't be true... can it?" you will say to yourself. If the "THAT" in question is hopeful and inspiring, yes it can be true. And indeed, it IS.

Ummm, "you know what you are like at Full Moon"? What? I swear I'm not a werewolf, no matter WHAT I look like in the morning. Really! I just want my "THAT" to be a job, OK? That's all I'm asking for here.

From AncientWeb(link now for members only....greedy fuckers!):
The act of jazzing the non-lameness factor of your life is enhanced by the Aries Moon today and, if you have been kind about it all, your dreams are about to manifest before your very eyes. Dare to believe in your crazy-assed self and shit will work itself out. Your groove is flowing like butter.

OK, first off, any horoscope that curses at me is pretty damned spiffy in my book. My groove is flowing like butter? People, I can't make shit up this good, trust me. I just hope I've believe in myself enough for my shit to work itself out.

From IndiaTown:
Personal initiatives will help a lot, but joint ventures or teamwork could be more beneficial Financially a rewarding day. You can look forward to receiving a long awaited payment. Someone from overseas will be in touch. Keep your mind open to new ideas and views.

Well so far nobody has sent me money or payment of any kind, so this must be false. Someone from overseas being in touch? One of you finally going to email me?? That's cool, I love hearing from people!!

From Mister RAO, my Chinese Horoscope:
Beware of disputes with your dearest and nearest which might give rise to a hostile atmosphere; avoid thorny subjects. Heartwise, you'll be more inclined to spiritual than physical harmony. Good day for renovating or embellishing your lodgings. Your professional ambitions will be rewarded, but you'll run the risk of becoming disdainful. Don't recall the past incessantly.

Sooooooo, don't fight with anyone in my family, I should think about sex rather than having it, I really should have cleaned the house up, and nobody called to offer me a job today, so I don't really know about that one.

Of course, I don't believe a word of that crap, do you? Just in case you would like to check on these things for me, the birthday is 6/27/66. Yeah, I've heard all the jokes about being born 6/66 har har har.

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