October 09, 2000

The one where I buy a feather duster

Well, that was a doozy huh? Sorry, hope nobody got too depressed or maudlin over the letter. I'm feeling much better this morning, thanks for asking! Want some interesting email? Make sure you post your most depressing entry and then use your web page in your sig on forums. Really! You too, can get all kinds of email asking if you are ok, if you are sitting out on the ledge right this minute (and if I was, how would I be reading the email anyway?), or just totally depressed in general. I'm fine people, REALLY. Yes, it's a sad thing, but I'm OK.

Today I played manicurist. I decided that I've watched enough people doing my nails, and by golly, I can do it myself. The hard part was finding the kits. TheGreatestHubbyInTheWorld bought me one today, and I must say, I did an OK job. I had three nails that I really needed fixed, and I'm just not happy with the girls on base. I've done this long enough to know that they are skipping some important steps, say, scrubbing my nails with a brush and antibacterial stuff to make sure my nails stay healthy. I got to spend the better part of the afternoon feeling like I was being held hostage by one nail soaking in a little tub of acetone. That also means that I can't do one of my favorite activities while feeling that way, which would be smoking. Something about being EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE kind of made me push the cigs off to the side for the next 6 hours. I finally got the three nails soaked and scraped and filed and free of the nasty icky old acrylic. I then did an OK job of putting new clean acrylic on them (after much scrubbing and such with a good brush, and applying that antibacterial hand stuff for good measure). You can ignore some of the little dents, really. I'll do better next time. Then came the fun part, POLISH! I now look like the glitter fairy has puked all over my nails after having watery fruit punch. Visualize at your own risk.

Did I lose most everyone already? I have to say, it's been a pretty boring day around here. As some of you may know, the military loves to give days off, so not only was John home from work all day, but WildChild didn't have school. I don't recall Columbus Day being a big school holiday, but maybe I just wasn't paying attention. Much cleaning of house went on this morning. You no longer run the risk of fatal disease walking in here, for we are armed with Lysol now! Don't laugh, do you know how hard that stuff is to find here?? It's like gold! I also got something that made me almost insanely happy. Don't laugh...I got a feather duster. Now, I realize that something as simple as a duster of any kind isn't really enough to make most people even think twice. But baby, it's fucking dusty here. I was starting to feel like the lamps were going to change to a dust colored hue because I couldn't dust them right. We won't even talk about the shades. Suffice it to say, they were dust-free for the 3.7 seconds after I was done. Then it just settled right back down where it was. But they look better, really! I'm waging an all out war against the dust bunnies and dust rats and dust whatevers that are living in all portions of the apartment. I'm not used to this. I'm used to having a hermetically sealed house against dust. You learn very quickly in El Paso that the windows stay shut, especially in the spring. Since we actually have to PAY for our wanton electrical use now, we decided that fresh air isn't really that bad and hey, we can just dust every 6 hours instead of every other day. Good god I sound like a housewife now, don't I. Next thing you know, I'll be posting recipes here and telling you how to make sure your whites stay bright and your colors don't bleed.

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