October 07, 2000

Cham (Chahm) Sleep

I can't find something that says "kick ass" in Korean. I'll have to get the icky-hard-to-read-and-understand other Korean dictionary out later I suppose. It was a great KickAss morning though! The soccer game went VERY well, with the Osan Blaze beating the team from Cp Humphreys 5-2. I never realized that youth soccer is so rough! WildChild was playing defense for her team, and took a ball right in her stomach at high speed. Not intentionally on her part of course, but a great blocking move for her team. I saw the kid kick the ball, and that it hit one of the kids on our team, I just didn't realize it was MY kid. She was doubled over, and I noticed her shorts. OH. MY. GOD. Talk about a moment where you just freeze. The coach walked over to her and subbed her out of the game for a bit. A few tears, but her teammates made her laugh and all was right in the world again. The kids are tough! I'd be out there not only NOT able to keep up with the running but whiney and bitchy if I got hit by the ball or a stray foot. But that's just me, OK?

So I couldn't sleep well last night. I think that I need to lower the caffeine intake during the day. It used to be that it would never bother me at all. I'd be able to drink a DoubleTallSkinnyMocha at 9pm and not think twice about going to sleep at 10pm. Now, I feel as though that any caffeine after 9am is going to wreck havoc on my bedtime. It's such a bitch to realize that you are getting old! Naps are always looking better and better. Walking means meandering, not winning a race. Glasses are getting to mean either you have that arm extension surgery or you get bi-focals. A late night is one where you might stay up and watch the 10pm news. I'll just take my cranky 'ol ass over here, keep reading.

Are there any guys reading this thing? Because I'd like a few questions answered. What in hell's name makes you think that opening the bathroom door while we are taking a shower is a GoodThing? It's October, OK? I like my living space cool/cold when I'm sleeping, which means that all windows get thrown open before bed. So it's not exactly warm in the morning when I need to get in the shower. I'm all happy as can be in the shower this morning. The bathroom was very nice and steamy and HotNewOrleansDuringAFreakFog and the like. Men, we like the bathroom this way. Please keep that in mind. We might need to shave our legs. Do YOU know how to shave around goose bumps? I don't. You wonder why we take so long in the shower? It's not because we are really doing something i there, it is more like we have to keep waiting for the bathroom to warm up again and for the goose bumps to go away. The more you open the door, the longer the clock gets set back. Stop bitching and interrupting us like that cow, we'll get done a little faster.

While sitting here typing this up, I've eaten 1/4 pint of Ben and Jerry's Super New York Chunk or something named like that (I already went and put it away). I have also straightened up my desk a bit, finding actual desktop in some areas during the excavation. I have a buttload of pens. I *heart* pens! Especially metallic glitter gel pens. I must have 5 different sets of them in various colors. I'd use them all the time if the sales people didn't bitch about using them for writing checks. I also found some more nail polish I had been looking for. There are 3 different candles on the desk, with three different smells (the one that says tulips and smells like grass in the one lit now). I have two spindles of blank and burned cd's. Add to that a few music cd's that I shuttle back and forth between here and the living room. Headphones, since the computer speakers suck and I haven't stolen the set from John's computer yet. Digital camera and cord for uploading to the computer, as well as two extra camera batteries. A cool address book that is pink and cute and totally cool...if you are 10. I have a few small note pads, but my favorite one is the Curious George spiral notebook. It's hardbound front and cover make it extra special. The ever present ashtray, but it's clean since I obsess about having it clean and not stink. My glasses. My Webster's cheapy electronic dictionary with a dying battery. Various hair clipy-type things because I'm always putting up, taking it down, repeat. Two different kinds of lotion. Some cheap but good smelling Pear stuff, and the Vanilla Bean body cream from Bath and Body Works. There is also the computer and it's various parts. Thankfully, my 'desk' is what was our dining room table not too long ago. Now that you know too much about my desk and all the junk that I have surrounding me at the present time, I shall bid you so long...

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