October 06, 2000


What to write, what to write. That has been plaguing me for the past 36 hours or so. Oh, I can tell you how I'm a big DorkHead! You'll love this, and it will help me explain things to Patrick.

Now, I've been reading online journals for a few years. I love having that opportunity to read about other people's lives and I enjoy not only what they have to say, but how they say it. So I've been reading Patrick for a long long time. I read his entry about responding to all the porn messages he gets (which really did make me laugh out loud) and I saw his AIM name. I added it to my list and kept on surfing the web. Well lo and behold, Patrick comes online. I waited and waited and waited, not wanting to seem like some deranged journal-reading stalker. Tentatively, I IM'd him with "Is this Patrick?" fully expecting a return of "Who are you and how did you get his name? Go away and never message me again!" Well I must admit right here that Patrick was utterly delightful! We had a small discussion and then it was time for him to leave work. I walked around the apartment congratulating myself on sucking up the nerve to actually try and 'speak' with another online journalist, especially one who's journal I love. Then it hit me. OH.MY.GOD. I never introduced myself or told him who I am! I'm sure he was just being polite and didn't want to come back with "Who are you?". I. Am. A. Dork. I deserve to have that carved into my forehead, I really do. See, if you look at my silly AIM name, it tells you nothing about who I am, just some initials and something about korea. I used to get really mad at my husband when he would forget to introduce me to people. I got very good at just waiting for a break in the conversation and politely introducing myself. So what in heaven's name made me think that Patrick would have ANY idea who the hell I was? I have visions of him sitting at his desk thinking "Who in the heck IS this nut and why is she talking to me?" So there's that. I'm sorry Patrick. Feel free to ignore me on AIM because I'm too dorky to even tell you who I am.

In other news, I'm going to get myself kicked off of Pamie's Squishy Forum. I spent the better part of yesterday evening posting like a fool to become a Diva. Yes, I am shallow, thanks for asking!

Let me tell you about yesterday afternoon. We went on base to hit the bank up for 850,000 Won to pay our rent. We get the money, shove it in an envelope so that we don't look like we've robbed the place, and head to the front gate to walk to the Korean bank to deposit the money. We get to the bottom of the steps and walk into the little building where all the SP's are sitting and they check your ID coming in. There are two of them standing in front of the door that leads out to downtown. It's 4:00 PM and we need to make it to the bank by 4:30 to make sure our money is deposited. One of the little assholes looks like he just got off his shift of sitting on his ass, and he picks up the phone to call someplace and ask when the gate will be opened up again. Realize that NOBODY is getting off this base right now. We're standing in line to get out, and there is a HUGE line of cars waiting to leave. So little smarmy SP grabs his bag and wanders out to speak to the guys standing there letting people on base. Then a few seconds later, he just wanders on downtown. I really hope he didn't think he was being slick, because all of us standing there saw his "I think I'm being sly" moves and busted his ass on it. At 4:25 they finally let us out the gate. We had to practically run (since real running just hasn't found it's way into my list of abilities yet) to the bank and got there just in time. Don't you just envy me and my life?

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