October 04, 2000

I'm sorry, there doesn't seem to be a Korea word for "bored"

Hi. How are you? Really? Me too, bored out of my skull. I can't pay rent until tomorrow, so I got to walk around after going to the bank feeling like I robbed it. I'm certain that there is a REASON that the Korean government decided that a 10,000 Won bill was big enough, but I can't fathom what it would be. Rent = 850,000 Won = 85 bills you need to cart around. Not. Fun. For. Paranoid. Fraidy. Cats.

I've wandered around the apartment aimlessly. Took a shower. Did some stretching exercises. Played with my wish list on Amazon since everybody was talking about theirs. Decided that I'm a greedy little bitch but I still won't take anything off of it. Stole a headband from my daughter and decided that it actually looks OK in my hair. Drove to the personnel office to drop of some paperwork for them to prove that I've been in the military. Stared at the telephone hoping to make it ring with people begging to hire me. Obviously, still sitting here in silence.

I think I'm missing some GirlGenes. I don't wear make-up. I own a enough to put on a full face, but I never use it. I just can't see the point. I personally don't think that I look any better with it on, and I'm constantly rubbing my eyes. By the end of the day I would look like some raccoon that has lost a fight with a midget. I don't like dresses, and own a total of three, which I hardly ever wear. Usually the dress goes on under duress, like, there is nothing else clean. Heels? HAHAHAHA Yeah, only if you want to watch me fall off a two-inch heel and break my ankle. Honest. It isn't pretty people. The one that really bothers me is the "Hair Thing" gene. Now, I do vaguely remember portions of my teen years, and I know that I did 'stuff' to my hair. I had all kinds of curling irons and gels and sprays and mousse-like stuff that I covered the top of my dresser with and used all the time. So where the hell did that ability go? Is it something that disappears with age? I used to have to curl my mom's hair with a curling iron when I was in high school. She just couldn't figure out how to do it herself. She could translate a book for you from Latin, but she could not curl her own hair. You want to know fear people? Go ahead, try and curl hair that is about 2.5 inches long without burning someone! Anyway, what happened to my ability to just do something kicky to my hair and have it look adorable? I bought some mousse the other day after I got my hair cut. I said "Self, you should use this because it will help protect your hair and give it some shape and body and then you can stop wearing a ponytail every day." (Why yes, I do speak to myself in run-on sentences.) Right now I'll pay someone a dollar to explain to me what the hell I'm supposed to do with the mousse. I put it on after I towel dry, and then I blow it dry as usual (read: bend over at waist and blow the sucker till it's dry). Then I'm lost. I don't want to curl it, and I left all of my hot rollers in storage in the US anyway. Pull the front back in a clip? Sure, and I can look like RetroGirl all day! Ponytail? Shit Michelle, you are going to end up pulling all your hair out at the roots if you keep doing that. Leave it down? Sure, if you want to go insane within five minutes because of the hair in your face. So I'm at a loss. I WANT to do something to it, I just don't know what that is yet. It must be quick. And easy. And cute. And not make me look 57 years old. Or 12 years old for that matter. And not dig into my poor little head like this fucking headband. Anyone have a razor handy?...

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