October 02, 2000

Ajik irumnida (Ah-jeek ee-rume-nee-dah) It is still early.

So it's Monday. I know it's Monday because I had to wake up early and make sure that WildChild got off to school on time and properly dressed. Otherwise, it is just another day. The job that I ReallyReallyReally want closed on Friday, and I am hoping that I get a phone call or something soon. I'm tired of being broke. I'm in a shopping paradise and I don't have alot of money to shop! Must. Get. Job.

I'm writing this offline, because the ShDSL has been down since 11:27 last night. I know the time because I was surfing the web when the carrier dropped my connection. Of course, there is always the thought "Was the phone bill due?" but when I look at it, I can't find anything about a due date (although you can be sure that I'll be standing in line at the bank at 9am this morning to get Won!)

I don't like Monday mornings much. When I was working at Pierce County in WA, we worked flex-time, meaning I always had a 3-day weekend. My extra day off was Monday and I loved that! A weekday to run errands. Just not having to wake up early on a Monday was heaven! Of course, then you start thinking of Tuesday as your Monday so in the end, you never get completely away from that MondayDread.

Usan issumnikka? (Uu-sahn ee-ssume-nee-kkah?) Do you have an umbrella?

It's raining. Again. I don't mind the wetness so much as I mind it being so dark all day. It's like permanent twilight out there and it's depressing. I remember living in El Paso and loving days like this. When you finally get to pull a sweater out of the closet, needing to wear long pants. I was never really cold in El Paso. Even if the temperature was chilly outside, as long as it was sunny you could be nice and completely comfortable. The winter weather is probably the only thing I miss about living there. I have no desire to live there again, twice was more than enough thankyouverymuch.

John and I have been tossing around ideas of places to ask to be stationed when we return to the US. Personally, I would love to live in Hawaii, but that doesn't seem likely and I'm not sure if I could put the cats through the horrendous quarrantine required for them to enter the state. Since I jumped through fucking hoops to get Spazz here with me, there is no way that I could just leave them or send them away for three years. (We adopted Oliver here a few months ago) I can't understand pet owners that just leave a pet someplace, or give the pet away when it's time for them to go. A pet isn't a decoration to use for 3 years someplace! You don't get orders to leave and think "Well, this is it for Fido, take him to the pound, because I'm not going to do all the paperwork to take him with me." Obviously, this is enough of a problem for the military to make a commercial. I cried! Narrated by a dog, showing him walking around hungry in a desolate area, asking himself what he did wrong, why his family disappeared. *sob* I can't talk to people that are so glib about their pets and the responsibility owning one entails. "Oh, it's time to go, see ya Fluffy!" Grrr.

Oh yes, moving. We have also talked about the Presidio of Monterey. Ft. Lewis in WA is always up at the top of the list as well. The problem is, we can ask for what we want but it doesn't mean we'll get it. I wish the Army was more interactive with their servicemembers like some of the other services. Right after John had put in paperwork to change his MOS (military occupational specialty) from radar mechanic to supply, he got a phone call. A friend who was stationed in the United Arab Emerites was offering him a job, all he had to do was get out of the job switch. Man, I wanted that assignment. I'm all for living in far off places! (Gee Michelle, you are in Korea, could you state the obvious any louder?) Since I haven't listed that in my "list of places we have lived" you can guess that the Army was none too pleased about the idea of letting him stay in a dead MOS. Yeah, I'm still bitter about it. I feel as though this is going to be one of, if not THE last assignment. I can only hope that we get someplace in the western half of the US. I grew up in Ohio, and lived in Virginia Beach for 9 months, and I've remembered WHY I don't like the eastern half of the US. Humidity. Killing Frost. Too. Much. Snow. I figure I'm old enough to have some say in where I live, so I'm narrowing the list down by weeding out the places I do NOT want to live.

Well I've got about a half hour before the bank opens, so it is time to get dressed and ready to face the world. ShDSL is still down so I don't know when I'll get this uploaded. I hope this entry jumped around enough for you, really. Nothing like a good "huh?" to wake you up in the morning! :)

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