October 01, 2000

Nujo mian hamnida (Nue-joe mee-han hahm-nee-dah) I'm sorry to be late.

Wow, it's October 1st already! I suppose I'll now have to figure out how to move the directories around and such. I finally got around to making the pages for the pictures we took on Friday. You can go here and take the tour. It is about 10 pages long, and once you start you are pretty much committed to finish since I didn't put links back to the index page.

I've done pretty much nothing all weekend. We napped, watched bad movies, napped some more, ate homemade pizza and egg rolls, napped some more. You get the picture. There was copious amounts of napping going on. I've done fairly well at ignoring Billy and the Thins this whole weekend and don't plan on a visit from them until tomorrow.

In the meantime, I'll sit here and eat my toast and pretend that I'm a size 6 and cute and petite and all that. Really, I am. Can't you see me? I'm sitting here surrounded by gobs of pink tulle with a tiara in my hair. I look cute damn it!

So I'd like some feedback... What do you all think of the Korean titles to the page? Do you like them? hate them? don't give a rat's ass? Please let me know.

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