September 29, 2000

Choun (Choe-uun) Good / Onul (Oh-nuul) Today

So, hanging out with four girls who are 10 rocks. I highly reccomend it. Today John and I were chaparones for a field trip to the Korean Folk Village. We had a most excellent time and I still haven't downloaded the pictures off of the camera so those will be up later. Some really great things happened today, and here they are...

Have you had a chance recently to sit and listen to 10/11 year old girls talk? They are hilarious! They dubbed me "Fearless Leader" from the time we were in the classroom. One little girl, who I had only seen once before, noticed my haircut, said it looked "cool" and so now she's one of my new bestest friends. We ate lunch in a little pagoda, and they pulled out the magazine with pictures of BOYS, and they all talked about who was cuter and who wasn't and who they want to meet and giggled and laughed. *sigh* It was adorable. They made me sit by John on the bus, because "he is your boyfriend!" and laughed and kept telling us "no kissing!" Basically, they just rocked like bob.

The other thing that happened had nothing to do with the other kids in her class. We are standing around the performance area watching the show. A little boy tugs on my jacket and holds up a 100 won coin. I wasn't quite sure what he wanted. He says "money changer". Huh? John figures it out, they want to trade money! Man, I am so going to hell for letting kids give me 100 won for a nickel, and 500 won for a dime. They were just going NUTS for american money! I feel like some kind of scam artist! One little boy just about blew a gasket when he saw I'd given him a new quarter, one of the ones with the states on the back. He had to shout and run to go show it off to his friends. That caused a whole other wave of kids to run up with coins raised yelling "money changer! money changer!" They totally wiped us out of american coins. I tell you, I'm going to go to hell. I know that I'll count it, and realize that I've got money for cigarettes, and I'm going to hell, I just know it.

I'm going to go take a nap and recover, and then I'll wake up and download the pictures. Stay tuned...

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