September 28, 2000

Ibal-man hae chuseyo (Ee-bahl-mahn hay chuu-say-yoe). Just a haircut please.

Oh look, TODAY is the 28th. TODAY I can do all of the things that I should have been able to do yesterday. I have big plans baby. Well, OK, kinda big plans, that mean nothing to you and a whole lot to me. See, I'm kinda thinking-contemplating-ruminating about getting my hair cut. Yes, it's long. Yes, it has been at least 19 months since anyone has been near it with a pair of scissors. Why yes, the ends DO look like fun-fur, thanks for noticing! I also have this irrational fear that it's falling out because it's in such bad shape, but I think that's just me. Did you all see that picture of me from the bio page? Well, that was right after I had it cut. I think it was also right after I had dyed it. I want it like that again. Of course, the woman who cut it is in Virginia Beach, VA and I can't find my brand of hair color here at the PX, but really, moot points. I'm terrified of going into the hair salon on base today and speaking with women that I'm not quite certain understand me (speaking English that is, not that I'm all that complex and deep). It's not that hard with the nails, you just walk in, hold up your hands and say "re-fill". They put you in a nice comfy chair and two women work on your nails and give you a hand massage. Then they look through my little box of nail lacquers and "ooh" and "ahh" and have me teach them to paint the little flowers I like. Then I come home and remove the polish and end up stealing my daughter's sparkley cool stuff and doing them myself. Again, moot points probably. Now, you are probably saying to yourself "Self, why the hell doesn't she just get out the Korean dictionary and translate it on her own." (And really, if you call yourself 'self' we should talk...because I do the same thing!) The answer to that burning question is this, there are something like 2398743 bazillion conjugative verby adjectivey type vowels and I can't pronounce them. I have this horrible fear that I'm going to think I'm asking someone for a spoon when in reality I've just told them that they need to move their goat-smelling ass away from me. Well, that and I don't want them to laugh at me.

On a lighter note, and thinking of yesterday's entry, P would like you to know that he's Paul. He said he would like to horn in on this "I knew her when..." thing early.

Ok my sweeties, it is time for me to go. I leave you with this as proof of my fun-furryness. Now, how do you say "it MUST be long enough to pull into a ponytail" in Korean...

09.28.2000 (later and with worse weather)

Well, I think this afternoon's title says it all. It's red and it's much much shorter. I left more hair on the floor than I have left on my head. It is pretty soft now though, and I can run my fingers through it without the fear of breaking off all the ends. Someone please smack me upside the head every six weeks to go get it trimmed, ok? So this is what it looks like. I'm not sure yet if I like it (the cut, I LOVE the color). I keep catching a glimpse of my hair when I pass a mirror and have to stop. Oh, it's just me. This is going to require a LOT of sparkley nail polish this evening.

Going to the beauty salon in Korea is fun! Did you know that you get a neck and back massage when they cut your hair??? AND, you get a hand and arm massage during a manicure. I could have just fallen asleep in the chair and been completely happy. Well, except for that the chanting/rhyming thing they do during the massage.

I would take a picture to show you the blinds we put up in the living room so that I can exercise without the irrational fear that someone is watching me. I would, except that it is so ugly outside and I'm completely uninspired. I'm so uninspired that I deserve to be taken out to dinner downtown. I would like some nice hot spicy chicken bulgogi and some mandu and a cold OB Lager. I would like to sit at a table and have someone bring me my food. Then, when I am done, I want them to take away all the dirty dishes. I want to make other people laugh watching me try and use chopsticks. OK, not really the last one, it just happens anyway. I'm sleepy and it's chilly and I'm sitting here like Titsy McFreezing waiting for John to get home and rescue me. I am sorry this is so boring and somewhat lame. I promise, I'll up the caffeine intake tomorrow and maybe even throw down with Mr. Banks.

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