September 22, 2000


So I've shown the site to a few people. Thankfully, everyone seems to like it so far. Or maybe they are just humoring me and can't deal with telling me it sucks. Who. Cares. I decided that this was something to do for me, partly out of boredom, and partly to see if I could do this and stick to it. I can't and won't promise daily updates, but hopefully we'll be ok with at least 3-4 a week, maybe more.

It's Friday. I remember when that used to mean something to me. Not working means not caring what day it is. I had to struggle all day yesterday just to remember that it was Thursday. It doesn't seem fair. John is happy it's Friday because it's almost the weekend. WildChild is happy it's Friday because she knows she never has homework on Friday's. Me? The only difference in the days of the week for me is weekdays, I do all the housework and get to spend as long on the computer that I like. The cats don't really mind, as long as I don't kick them under the desk as they sleep on the footlocker. Weekends mean that I should be a little bit more sociable and not sit here with headphones on listening to music at volumes that are sure to aggravate the tinitus. I'm sure that if my neighbors could hear inside the apartment, they would be calling for the men in white to come take me away. This is what you hear: VERY bad singing, some laughter thrown in, and mad clicking from the typing going on. Nothing else. I don't keep the TV on or even the stereo. You might hear me get up and walk to the fridge for something to drink. Some days you might hear the washer and dryer going. That's it. I know, hold yourself in your seat there people, I know my exciting life has you perched on the edge just waiting to read whatever is next.

I wish the scanner was working. I want something to play with the the web cam is boring and the digital camera is sitting there giving me scornful looks. It knows I should be cleaning up the apartment to take the picture tour, but I don't feel like it. There is a picture here that will show you what my desk looks like. Yes, I admit it, I am a desk-slob. I've got so much 'stuff' on my desk it isn't funny. I am rather fond of the computer though! Yes, it is all purple and it all matches. The case, monitor, keyboard and mouse came as a set. All we had to do was supply the 'guts' for the case and set it all up. All of the computers in the house were put together by us in some form or fashion. Have I mentioned yet that I'm a geek?

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