September 21, 2000

What kind of mother are you anyway?

Have I mentioned that I'm not a 'normal' mom? If the teacher calls the house about my child, there's always that split second where I have the butterflies in the stomach thinking that I'm in trouble. Why is that?

Parent/Teacher Open House was last night. Last night was also soccer practice for WildChild. Divide and conquer was the rule of the evening. Since John was running late coming home from work, we switched duties and I took her to soccer and he went to the open house. Soccer was uneventful as usual. Only 6 kids showed up, which bothers me a little bit. This is the first year that WildChild has played soccer, and I'm a little surprised at the number of kids that don't show up for practice, didn't show up for team pictures, etc etc. I don't want her to get a bad taste of sportsmanship from this. Her first game was already called due to the last typhoon that blew through here, so we'll see how many kids show up this Saturday morning. She'll be tired, they play back to back games.

Back to the Open House. John went by himself. He looked around, said hello to the teacher who showed him WildChild's desk and then she went off to greet some of the other parents in the room. John looked through her workbook and then had some questions. He tried to talk to the teacher but, in his words "she was being monopolized by some jerk wanting to have some theological discussion about learning". He waited around for a bit, but it was obvious this guy wasn't giving up the ghost so he just wrote his name on the list for requesting a parent/teacher conference. So she calls this morning. I get flustered for a second, that feeling of having done something wrong and not knowing what it is. Then the idea flash of "oh god, what has WildChild done now??" Thankfully she was just calling to ask what would be a good time for us to come in. Since I know John is busy today and tomorrow, we set it up for Tuesday morning. She asked me if I was going to volunteer in the classroom. THIS is where the panic set in.

There was a time, after my 30th birthday that I had both my eyebrow and my tongue pierced. (Neither are pierced now) Not exactly what you would call "room mother" material. Besides, I have usually worked full time so there wasn't much of a chance to do the volunteer thing. Here we are in Korea, and I'm not working. The day before school started when I took WildChild to meet her teacher, she had me write my name down on a list, along with my phone number. Oh look, I'm one of the Room Mothers this year!! So far my duties have been minimal. OK, I haven't had to do a damned thing so it's been really easy. It seems as though there is a field trip to the Korean Folk Village next Friday. They need 5 parent volunteers to go with the class. I did not immediately agree to play chaperone. I emailed John and gave him the information on the conference and asked him to chaperone with me.

We've already covered the fact that I basically refuse to grow up. In my head, I picture 'room mothers' as women who have never held a job, cook and clean all day and bake goodies for bake sales and do crafts and well, lots of things that hold no interest at all to me. Well, in my head they are pretty much all of the things I don't do. I'm totally not knocking it, it's just not me, not my scene baby. I just don't feel like I have anything to discuss with them. I go to soccer practice, and they are all talking about this craft or that recipe and I'm lost. Ask me about computers, how did you fix that error with your scanner? Did you find that web site I mentioned? Have you noticed that the price of a spindle of blank cd's has dropped in the PX? THOSE are conversations I can have. Talk to me about books for adults, don't talk to me about how you won't let your child read the Harry Potter books. Talk to me about parenting issues, don't talk to me about puff paints. Note on the Harry Potter mention: Yes, I actually had more than one mother tell me they wouldn't let their children read "those evil books". What in the hell am I supposed to say to that??? I gave the blank stare, I was in total shock. I just politely said that I had read the books myself, and that my daughter was currently reading them herself. Then I turned heel and walked off. I'm sorry, I just can't deal with that. Ignorance is not always blissful. The funny thing about all of this? When I'm done uploading this, I'm off to bake some bread! Don't let it be said that there's no irony in my life!

More, 4:50pm

OK, I did it, I pimped the journal on Pamie's Squishy Forum. I'll be the one sitting over here doing shots and looking nervous now. Stop looking at me like that, I'm 16 hours ahead of the east coast! At least you can always use the excuse "Well it's drinkin' time where rowEn is!" No really, I'll just sit over here, don't mind me...

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