September 15, 2000

Happy Birthday to the World's Greatest Husband!

Yes, John turned another year older today. As is the norm with us, it's been quite an understated day. He had to work outside all day so we couldn't even email back and forth like we normally do! He's 36 today. Do you all realize how hard that is for me to type? 36. Thirty-freakin-six! It's only hard because it just reinforces my age (34 for those wondering).

Does anyone else not feel/look/act their age? I still get carded, a lot, when buying alcohol. I got carded in Vegas for christ sake! I wear funky nail polish as a personal art form. I have hair down to my waist. I don't have wrinkles or crow's feet. I have NO skin care regime (like wash it in the shower and forget about it dude!). I don't wear make-up. Dressing up my face for me is a new tube of blistex and maybe some eyeliner and mascara. To give you a clue as to the age that I act... right this very second, I'm sitting here in a long sleeved black t-shirt and white flannel pants with black paw prints all over them.

I got quite excited this afternoon. Yesterday I had stopped by the personnel office on the base to check if any new jobs were posted. Nothing. Nada. Zilcharooni. This afternoon I'm doing the usual web surfing, and checked the web site. A NEW JOB! Just posted today. Must be an omen, a job posting on hubby's birthday, right? I proceeded to print the application, fill it out and make it all pretty. Then things got confusing. Now, technically, I am a disabled Veteran. I served 3+ years in the military, got out with a small compensable disability. If you do any research on this, there must be about 47865435 rules on "if you are a preference eligible veteran". I did find one rule that applies to me, doesn't worry about the dates that I was in the Army, and grants me the preference that could very well be not only my foot in the door but damn near half my body. Just in case, I've printed the application page twice with my application status changed on each one. I'll be sure and keep everyone posted on the seemingly endless job search here.

I've done very little today. I made coffee and toast for breakfast and promptly sat down at the computer to work on some of the web pages. The only one I've finished as of today is for the cats, and that in itself is a pretty cheesy page. I definitely need more pictures there, but when they sleep all the time it's not all that eye catching. I mean really, how many pictures of sleeping cats do people need to see? Maybe I'll stay up tonight and catch them chasing each other during the designated 2:42 AM Kitty Play Time. I made the splash pages for each directory. I looked for more retro clip art (unsuccessfully). I vacuumed in the living room and on the front balcony. I made a grocery list for the next week or so. I gave kitty lovins to the cats at various times. I made an afterschool snack for the wildchild. I smoked, a lot, while sitting here. I chatted on IRC during uploads and downloads (though the window is open 24/7 on my computer). I explained to a guy how to not iron something (toss it in the dryer with a damp towel and a dryer sheet). Like I said, very little.

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