September 14, 2000

And it rained...

So this would be the first entry. I'll refrain from calling it a journal until I've actually made a habit of writing.

It's raining. Still. There seems to be typhoon warnings and such, and the television has flashed some warning about road conditions here where we live being Amber. Can you tell that I'm just a little freakin tired of the rain? You would think that 5 years of living in Tacoma, WA would have prepared me for this drizzle-drazzle but no. There was the 3-year sentence of the TourtureTour in El Paso, TX. The most commonly heard phrase when I tell people that we lived there: "Oh, I've driven through there on the way to (insert some other nice city here)."

Have you ever just let your mind wander, and then try and figure out how you started thinking about whatever it is you are now thinking about? Sometimes I am amazed at how I relate one thing to another to another in my head.

I suppose that I should give a little history here huh? First off, backbite doesn't 'mean' anything to me. I was trying to find something I liked as a domain, and in the suggestion list it kept coming up. It was between that and something else (not gonna say, I might still want it!) and a polling of friends determined that at least backbite was a) easier to remember and b) easier to spell.
As for me, I am married (14 years), the mother of one child, a 10yo who is commonly referred to as wildchild. My husband is John and it's because of him that we are living in Korea. He is active duty in the Army and my choice was come to Korea for at least two years with him, or stay in El Paso for one year without him. To me, it was an easy choice.
I've done a number of things, ranging from Manager of a pizza place (Godfather's for those who know them), an insurance claims adjuster, secretary, and most recently, a training specialist for MCI Worldcom. I miss my last job a lot, for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that I can't find a job here to save my life! Not for lack of trying, that's for sure.
I hang out on the 'net too much. I'm an avid reader (stuck with whatever is in the library now). I have blue eyes and auburn hair. I wear glasses I have perfect teeth (no cavities, no braces). I like to wear funky nail polish. I have about 500 music cd's and can never find anything to listen to. I like mp3's. A. Lot.
I think that is about it for now. I'm not sure what else to write, and gee, I should probably save a little bit of mystery for later huh?

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